Wine and Cheese Rendezvous:

A Distinct Pleasure

by Acorvina & Company

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2019 | 8-9:45 PM


Wine Event



Spend your Friday night in the heart of Andersonville with an intimate wine and cheese tasting set in a cozy wine cellar. 


In Fine Spirits – the wine cellar will host a unique wine tasting with rare hard-to-find wines.

On this journey, you will explore local cheeses paired with hand selected wines. You will learn the story behind each wine and cheese and why the combination forms more flavors than their sum.

Your sommelier, Andrea Corral will provide you with the basics on wine and food tasting and makes sure you can put them to use at home. Enjoy learning something new in a fun environment, and take home increased knowledge and new expertise in Spanish and South American wines.

Wine and Cheese Line Up:

1. Brut Bubbly
2. Aged Brut Bubbly
3. Light Rose
4. Dark Rose
5. Unoaked White Wine
6. Oaked White Wine
7. Young Red
8. Vegan, Organic Red
9. BONUS: Surprise rare wine

8 Local Cheeses:

1. Sheep Milk Gorgonzola
2. Cowda-Aged Cow’s Milk Gouda
3. Cottonwood River Reserve Cheddar
4. Terrific Trio
5. Mindoro Blue
6. Butter Kase
7. St Joseph Manchego – Aged 2 months
8. Alpha Morning Sun