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How do I sort the good Pinot from the overpriced stuff? I love Nebbiolo and Barbera, but what do I try next?  Is there more to Argentina than cheap Malbec? Should I be drinking more wine from Walla Walla? Now that I've been drinking more wine, can I really tell the difference between a $30 bottle and one that's on the value table?

This five-week intermediate course is designed for wine lovers interested in sharpening their palate for better tasting, expanding their wine-drinking horizons, and learning how to talk confidently about wine. No previous wine knowledge is required, but many students prefer to take our 101 class before starting 201. Students receive 10% off all wines poured in class.

No-shows will not be refunded.

Class Dates: Mondays at 7 p.m.

January 30: Outsmarting Pinot

The “Sideways effect” is a cliche in the wine industry now: Pinot Noir demand has made this finicky, sometimes hard-to-love grape a frequently overpriced and underwhelming gamble. We’ll help you take out the guesswork, discussing underrated Pinot regions, consistently outstanding producers, and tricks for finding the grape at its most sublime.

February 6: Hidden Gems of Italy

The Ancient Romans called what is now Italy "the land of the trained vine"--that's how long the Italians have excelled at winemaking. Somehow, though, much of Italy has retained a value-minded, table-driven wine philosophy that makes the nation an absolute delight for the wine drinker. We’ll look at some regions and grapes that might not yet be on your radar!

February 13: Discover South America

Argentina and Chile made their international name on budget-friendly Malbec, Cab, and Merlot, but the association with cheap wine has caused many drinkers to overlook their higher-quality bottlings. Then there’s Uruguay, an amazing up-and-comer with an ace-in-the-hole grape (Tannat) that makes killer wine. We’ll discuss the terroir and winemaking styles of these countries while tasting some delicious examples.

February 20: The Pacific Northwest

Whether it’s Oregon Riesling or Washington Merlot, the Pacific Northwest has so much to offer the adventurous wine drinker. We’ll talk about the region’s unique geography, impressive host of successful grape varieties, and pioneer winemakers.

February 27: Wine Pricing Throwdown

A favorite exercise from our summer blind tasting series returns! We’ll  taste a series of two wines of similar grape or style of vastly different prices--without knowing which is which. This class will help hone your blind tasting skills and include a discussion of the factors that go into wine pricing.